Happy New Year!

About Us

ShareJoy Mission 

At SHARE JOY we recognize opportunity in all circumstances and cultivate a grateful perspective. 

Giving Back

A minimum of 10% of every purchase is given to a charitable organization. [10% of purchase...before taxes! This is what God has placed on my heart. Trusting Him!] Join us and share joy with the community!

Made for YOU 

All of our unique and meaningful gifts that inspire and spread joy are made with you, our best customer, in mind. We want to serve you in a way that is personal and useful. (We also love to see you smile!)

Entrepreneur and local focus; thoughtfully curated if outsourced

ShareJoy products are sourced and created, as much as reasonably possible, from other local small businesses (Rochester MN and throughout the mid-west United States). It is our joy to support other small business owners through collaboration and sustainable practices.  For example, the JoyBlocks are made from repurposed or remnant mid-west wood; they are hand-cut and sanded (family business!); and laser-engraved by a woman-owned small business in Wisconsin. 


Why and How: A Brief Summary, the story of Share Joy
written by the founder

ShareJoy began as a whisper in 2013 - God was pressing on my heart that I could offer my coaching clients a tangible solution to a problem they were facing: Journals specifically for keeping track of their wellness visions, values, goals, inspirations, gratitude, and growth opportunities. JoyJournals were eventually born out of this, though it took many more years of prompting by the Holy Spirit.

While facilitating a group coaching session in 2017, the brainspiration (a.k.a. a louder whisper from God) came for me to provide individualized keepsake boxes that could store treasures, specifically boxes with that store contents that bring the owner joy. Think: A child's toy box, a place full of delight, a tangible place to go when play or happy is the goal. These boxes uplift, inspire, and provide a way to immediately connect with joyful memories. JoyBoxes were imagined through this revelation!

At the end of 2019, God got loud about putting 'ShareJoy' into a bigger space. How? When? I was reminded to trust . . .this would be a way to point people to the source of joy, to provide for needs in the community, and to support my family financially. In December of 2019, the logo was created, a ministry was born.

January 2020, not knowing the world was headed toward a global pandemic and shutdown, ShareJoy became an official business with a desire to support the Lord's work in the community: Each year, ShareJoy chooses a local charity to receive a minimum 10% tithe from sales profits. 

  • 2020: The Landing MN

  • 2021: Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch

  • 2022: Guide Your Heart

Joyful apparel, stickers, magnets, and joycards were created out of a combination of demand and a need to pivot during COVID. Apparel became a way for people to wear their joy and share it with others in a time of global despair, for we know joy is found in all circumstances, not because of circumstances. In the midst of a pandemic, beautiful souls were led to support #sharejoy through purchase of ShareJoy merchandise. Thank you.

One night, I was laying in bed and sat straight up at about 10:30pm with a very clear vision of building blocks - the seemingly simple, yet powerful concept of putting scripture onto literal toy building blocks as a way to incorporate the Word of God into everyday child's building play, decor, or game play. Enter: Joyblocks (Character, Identity, and Focus building blocks).

I cannot describe the excitement and fear that co-exist in running a business. And I know that, no matter what, I'm blessed beyond measure, regardless how all of this turns out. Because: Joy in all circumstances. Amen! 

-Nicole, abstracts concept coordinator, found of ShareJoy