Happy New Year!

Strong relationships. Strong families. Strong communities.

2022: Guide Your Heart

In ShareJoy's third year of business, Guide Your Heart is where God has directed our tithe.  Everyone impacted by this organization will be blessed by a minimum of 10% of every purchase you make!

About Guide Your Heart

Guide Your Heart was founded to cut through the clutter of bad relationship advice and equip people with practical resources to empower them to navigate the complexities of marriage, divorce, and blended families. Guide Your Heart Founders, Kristine and Mike Stensland, directly experienced the pain of divorce and its lasting impact. Over the last 15 years of their marriage, they have worked tirelessly to give purpose to their pain by volunteering to support marriages and blended families.  Read about the impact they have already made at https://www.guideyourheart.org/.

Through your purchase of anything in the ShareJoy shop, you will also be a part of this meaningful cause!