Happy New Year!

Chaplains in the Workplace

2023: Salt & Light Partners

Each year, we have the opportunity to listen closely and learn where God leads ShareJoy proceeds. For 2023, Salt & Light Partners is where God has directed our tithe.  Everyone impacted by this organization will be blessed by a minimum of 10% of every purchase you make!

About Salt & Light
Salt & Light is a partnership of board members, advisors, and chaplains who are diverse and woven throughout the community and responsive to the cares and concerns of our city. The mission of this group is to provide emotional and spiritual support through workplace chaplaincy in our community. "In today’s world, there is a growing realization of the difficulty and trauma our first responders are experiencing and how it affects their personal lives. Thankfully, a focus-driven organization such as Salt & Light Partners exists—a motivated group with a mantra of “Serving those who serve us.”

Act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God ~Micah 6:8

Learn more by visiting https://www.saltandlightpartners.org/

Through your purchase of anything in the ShareJoy shop, you will also be a part of this meaningful cause!