A place where people encounter Christ and his Church.

2024: St James Coffee shop

Once again, ShareJoy will be tithing proceeds collected throughout the year; in 2024 will be given to St James Coffee shop - yes! A coffee shop!

Everyone impacted by this organization will be blessed by a minimum of 20% of every purchase you make! Yes - an increase from our 4 previous years' commitments.

About this very unique coffee ministry, St James Coffee shop

St. James Coffee is a unique response to the Church’s call of the New Evangelization in that it brings the Church into the world and into the everyday lives of its customers and the local community. It is a place where people encounter Jesus Christ through its products (including events/programs) and the hospitality of its volunteers and staff.

"Our mission is to be a place where people encounter Christ and his Church."
"Our vision is to develop disciples and equip evangelizers."

But, why a coffee shop?

God has woven so many amazing encounters together at this one-of-a-kind non-profit in Rochester, MN. Delicious coffee, uplifting music, kind people, family-friendly, free wi-fi . . . In short, I (owner, Nicole) have found myself working remotely from the space, meeting more colleagues and friends there, recommending it to others, and in the last 2 years, displaying and fundraising through the sale of ShareJoy items in a symbiotic relationship with the coffee shop. In gratitude, and with a strong sense of 'this is right' (God, is that you?!), I've not only landed on SJC as the beneficiary, but upped the tithe to 20% of sales. 

One unique aspect of this particular coffee shop is that, other than 1 full-time manager, the entire rest of the staff (baristas, bakers, launders, janitors, etc) are all volunteers! To keep non-profit status and be able to contribute to local faith-building and community-loving. [Stay tuned: I plan to interview manager Melissa in the near future for more information!]

You don't have to be catholic to experience the glory of God, wonderful people, and great coffee in this place! I'm not catholic and neither are several of my friends in the JoyRisers Bible Study. In fact, I've even starting volunteering as a barista (!) a couple times per month. 

Learn more by visiting http://stjamescoffee.com/ or by visiting their Facebook page

Through your purchase of anything in the ShareJoy shop, you will also be a part of this meaningful cause!